Tours organized during the HERITAS fair are a great possibility to get a closer look at often seen, but not yet known heritage objects. It is a great way to broaden your knowledge about heritage research and conservation. We offer you a chance to learn about the different values of heritage objects, to understand the conservation and restoration process of buildings and architectural elements better, and to uncover various secrets that small architectural details may hold.

Extraordinary objects will be open to visitors in the heart of Vilnius Old town. Visitors that are interested in architecture, history, heritage research and conservation will have a possibility to visit cultural heritage sites during the Heritas fair on 18-19th May as well as during the special early tours on April.

Organized tours:

→ Church of Blessed Virgin Mary of Consolation (Savičiaus str. 15, Vilnius).

→ Pacai palace (Didžioji str. 7, Vilnius).

→ Archeological sites in Vilnius.

Description of the tours:

→ Pacai palace tour (Didžioji str. 7, Vilnius)


The site was forgotten for a long time even though it was one of the most lavish mansions. Renewed and restored Pacai palace is one of the most anticipated objects in Vilnius. Restoration of the palace – 2018.

Various interesting historic details will be revealed by Heritas voluntereed tour guides. Lots of intriguing details will be presented including the owners and their high class guests who at one time or other visited the palace. The visitors will have a chance to learn about the extraordinary architecture of the building, see the unexpected findings hidden in the walls of the mansion and find out what is the next stage of the Pacai palace history. In addition, restorers who worked during restoration of the building will share their stories starting with the specifics of the restoration process, the daily life of a restorer to stories of what was found under many layers of paint on the walls of Pacai palace.

Date and times of tours:

  • 21st April 11 am, 1 pm. Registration form.
  • 18th May 1 pm, 17 pm.
  • 19th May 11 am, 14 pm, 17 pm.

Participation in the tours is limited.

→ Church of Blessed Virgin Mary of Consolation tour (Savičius str. 15, Vilnius)


The church of Blessed Virgin Mary of Consolation is extraordinary not only because it is the latest baroque church and the only late-baroque style one-towered church in Vilnius, but also because it has never been restored to its original appearance after its structure and interiors were severely altered during the soviet period. Thus the tour of the church is exclusive comparing to the other tours of sacred places in Vilnius.

With the help of various pictures and other visual material visitors will have a possibility to search for authentic interior details of the church. They will also learn why 19th century painter Kanutas Ruseckas is so important to the researchers of the church of Blessed Virgin Mary of Consolation and what is the process and methods of determining the architectural values of various buildings.

With this tour we seek to draw attention to questions about how heritage objects can have various alternative uses, and to discuss ways that can help people understand and preserve heritage better. Is it the authentic elements that have survived through history, is it the restored or later created whole of the interior and exterior, or is it the alternative uses that correspond to the needs of the society?

Date and time:

  • 21st April 3 pm, 5 pm. Registration form.
  • 18th May 12 pm, 3 pm.
  • 19th May 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm.

Participation in the tours is limited. 

→ Tours in archaeological sites (Vilnius)


Rare opportunity to take part in a tour to an archaeological site in Vilnius. The specifics of archaeological research, its’ fun sides and problems, the goals of the research and the site’s specific will be presented by the specialists working on site. Various interesting details or even findings of the site may be presented to the curious visitor.

 More information and registration for the tour – soon!

Photos: Vilija Ralytė (Pacų palace), Romanas Kiela (Blessed Virgin Mary of Consolation), UAB Archeologijos projektų centras “Antiqua” (archaeological sites).