Professionals, freelancers (architecture, restorers, carpentry, sculpture, archaeology, furniture restoration, smithery (architectural details only, etc.)), private companies (restoration, research, building materials and equipment suitable for cultural heritage conservation and restoration, paints, heat insulation, ventilation systems, finishing materials, architects, modern technologies, research equipment, etc.), governmental, private, and public institutions and organisations, scholars, that work in the field of cultural heritage, and public representatives, who are interested in preservation of cultural heritage, present their activities and products in an interactive way during the fair.

General sponsor:

The protection of buildings, their restoration and conservation, wood protection – and the protection of value: this is the Remmers Company’s international approach for more than 60 years. Our success factors – superior product systems combined with first-class local service – also guarantee our sustained strategic growth internationally.


PLLC „Vildoma“ purpose is to provide Lithuanian companies and laboratories with advanced measurement equipment, meeting the requirements of present days and conforming to the highest quality standards, creating comfortable working surroundings for the service personnel. Applying the latest technologies in real life, to improve their skills, to assist the business partners in improvement and using common power to develop public welfare by simple everyday work.




Inospectra supplies high-quality laboratory, sophisticated analytical, metrology and high-tech manufacturing equipment and provides its service to the largest and most well-known universities, research institutes and centers, industry and other institutions in the Baltic States. The company represents represent world’s famous companies such as Carl Zeiss, Bruker AXS, PHI, MBraun and others. Inospectra’s values – customers, professionalism, long-term goal orientation, responsibility, loyalty, respect for colleagues, customers, partners and the environment.

Archeodomus, IEAC. TBA.

Biometrija, PLLC. TBA.

PLLC Opus Optimum – a team of experienced wall painting conservation and restoration professionals.  The team formed while working together in various restoration projects. Common values of art, work and motivation led the team to independently choose their own projects. Team members have studied in Art Academy of Vilnius and continued the studies in Art Restoration Institute of Florence (Opifficio delle Pietre Dure). Company specializes in restoration of wall paintings and full historical interior recovery.

Air Drone Productions – specialists in drone aerial imagery and video, 3D virtual tours and Virtual reality 360° in UK and Europe by using the innovative and latest technologies. Professional and highly skilled team, consisting of fully licensed drone operators, cameramen and editors assists in every step of the way, from the moment of the initial consultation to the delivery of your final product. Company’s partner Matterport – the market leader in space scanning technology. All-in-one system gives realistic, interactive 3D and VR experiences that feel as real as being there. Company offers virtual spaces for real business.


Cultural Heritage Centre goal is to collect data about cultural heritage necessary for inventory and to maintain the cultural heritage inventory; to collect and to manage the documents and data about the cultural heritage. In line with these objectives, the Cultural Heritage Centre has been performing the following functions: collects material information which characterizes the cultural heritage and documents past and present; collects, refines and systematizes such information; conducts historical and physical researches (except for reconnaissance and detailed archaeological research) related to the cultural heritage and collects, manages and prepares the related documents and information; submits the collected data to the Cultural Heritage Department; performs activities of special heritage protection library.
The research practices that are performed in Cultural Heritage Centre will be presented. The specific methods and examples will be shown during the guided tours and in the exhibition floor. Become a researcher of paint layers, try to evaluate the valuable qualities of the objects or become other specialist of the centre.


The Lithuanian National Commission for Cultural Heritage is an expert and adviser to the Parliament, the President and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania on issues related to the state policy of cultural heritage protection, its implementation, evaluation and improvement. The main mission of the National Commission for Cultural Heritage is to participate in the formation of policy and strategy for the protection of cultural heritage, to inform the Parliament, the President and the Government about issues related to the protection of cultural heritage and to participate in drafting laws or other legal acts related to the protection of cultural heritage. The National Commission for Cultural Heritage consists of 12 experts, delegated by the President, the Parliament, the Prime Minister and registered associations whose activities are related to the research, protection and promotion of cultural heritage. One of the main goals of the National Commission for Cultural Heritage is to raise awareness among policy-makers and the representatives of the public at all levels about the issues of cultural heritage protection policy and strategy, and to raise awareness of the concept, goals and importance of cultural heritage policy.


PLLC „VIRMALDA“ – is a company that carries out works of conservation and restoration of movable and real estate cultural heritage objects (molding, painting, goldsmith, wood polychrome, sculpture) by authentic technologies. The company carries out research, design, prepares all documentation for restoration projects, installs carillons (toes), manufactures historical lights.


PE “Rasi” is the publisher of the magazine “Vintažo ženklai”, which is the only magazine in Lithuania dedicated to antiquity, vintage, related culture and history. The magazine has an educational purpose. It intertwines the past with the present and house keeping with the comfort of being. “Vintažo ženklai” strives to feature interesting interiors that are inspired by heritage and to promote artistic manifestation in each home.

For the last twenty years, Ekodora, PLLC has been an active participant in the Lithuanian construction market providing top quality services of repair and restoration of cultural heritage objects. A experienced team of specialists are the company’s biggest asset and serve as a guaranty of its reliability. This professional team includes Cultural Heritage Department-certified roofers, bricklayers, plasterers, decorators, etc.  The company performs restoration of various surfaces, including those of natural and artificial stone, bricks, and painted plaster, wood and metal, reconstruction of joinery, wooden structures, and provides conservation services.

PLLC „Terra Modus“ goal is to speed up the overall building documentation process from request to deliverable acceptance from the client. TerraModus company have 3 business directions since 2007:
1. Building documentation (2D/3D/CAD/BIM) from Point Cloud for worldwide clients.
2. Reality capture (Terrestrial laser scanning and photogrammetry) in EU (the major market is Baltic countries).
3. Research and development in the fields of Reality capture and Building documentation.

Community “LDK plytinė” produce handmade clay bricks, roof tiles, pavement, and use the same methods and techniques for production as people did in XIV-XIX century: mix clay, place it in wooden forms and fire kilns in high temperature.
MB “LDK plytinė” bricks are exactly the same as the bricks from which the Old Town buildings were build. Colour, quality, and durability – all bricks are authentic and even have a surface structure. Hand processed technology enables company to produce any shape or size of bricks. MB “LDK plytinė” bricks suit both outdoor and indoor conditions, and withstand fire or stove heat. MB “LDK plytinė” not only produce but also restores the ancient heritage of the fragments by restoring the production technology.

PLLC „Volonta”. TBA.

LLC  Center of Archaeological Project “ANTIQUA” performs all archaeological research, including  archaeological surveys on the site of future construction sites. Company is preparing estimates for archaeological research,  consulting and performing expert assessments on issues related to the evaluation of immovable cultural property .

Kaunas Fortress is a complex of military architecture and fortification buildings located in Kaunas and Kaunas district. This complex has a great historical and architectural value, also a future potential. Kaunas Fortress Park has 62 objects in Kaunas city and 6 objects in Kaunas district.The goal of Kaunas Fortress Park is to manage this cultural heritage and to apply it to the needs of these times.
Kaunas Fortress yesterday – defensive, occupational, militaristic, brutal.
Kaunas fortress today is collapsing, also attracting interest, full of potential, uniting communities, protected, prepared for a qualitative leap.
Kaunas Fortress tomorrow will be well-organized, safe, interesting, with functioning educational and community centers. It could stand out in the context of the use in the whole Europe.

MB “Meno kūrinių tyrimai” is a private laboratory where various methods of examination of works of art are being applied. Optical investigation, technical photography, chemical analysis, non-destructive methods using ultraviolet, infrared and X-rays provides data that’s invisible for the naked eye. Underdrawings, inpaints, vanished inscriptions or signatures, constructional features and in some cases preliminary identified materials give additional data for an expert to decide on objects’ condition, previous restorations, authenticity or dating.
Our key feature is portability and mobility. Specially designed unique mobile laboratory has no equivalent in Lithuania. Lab on the wheels and fully portable modern equipment allows us to come to an art object at any location, and examine an object right in the mobile lab studio or in situ (in case if the object is over-sized or immovable). Thus we can avoid a complex logistics of sensitive and valuable objects, which is even physically impossible in some cases, as well as various threats and additional costs related to that cause. And of course, it makes the investigation methods of this kind easier obtainable all over the country and abroad.


The Society of Lithuanian Archaeology is a scientific public organization uniting more than 200 archaeologists and representatives of the community from Lithuania and foreign countries who are actively working in the field of archaeological heritage. Since 1989 The Society of Lithuanian Archaeology investigates, administrates, preserves and makes Lithuanian archaeological heritage relevant in order to popularize scientific research, contribute towards improvement of the legitimate and methodological base of archaeological heritage, coordinate public activities, organize scientific conferences, promote refinement of research methods and educate youth.


The Centre for Lithuanian Organ Heritage public institution was established in 2007 (VšĮ „Vargonų paveldo centras“, VPC) under the initiative of organ historian, researcher and restorer Dr. Girėnas Povilionis. The Centre implements various activities focused on the preservation and promotion of Lithuanian historical organs, including professional restoration and repair, scientific research and documentary, public lectures, workshops and tours, sound/video recordings, publishing, collaboration in radio/TV documentaries etc.

Modernism for the Future! “Hello, hello. It`s Kaunas calling. Lithuania” – these are the words, first spoken on the Lithuanian radio in 1926 in Temporary capital of Kaunas. Hello, modern fellows! Says Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022.

The first steps are made by one of our programmes called “Modernism for the Future“. It’s goal is to unite an active and civic community of modernism fans and cherish people. Together with our partners “Making city of Kaunas more beautiful” we seek that interwar heritage would be a sourse of memory, identity, dialogue and creativity.

During the fair a coalition of doors, community based restoration workshops, exursions as well as with the style of interwar Lithuania and posibilities to renew furniture and other objects of applied arts will be presented.