Heritas is an international fair of cultural heritage conservation and technologies. It brings the specialists, companies, organizations, volunteers and society under one roof and presents cultural heritage technologies, problems and solutions.

The main goal of the fair Heritas is to bring together professionals, governmental, private, and public institutions and organisations, scholars, that work in the field of cultural heritage, and public representatives, who are interested in preservation of cultural heritage, in one place as well as to encourage their cooperation and more effective mutual communication.

A contact fair, lecture and workshop spaces are open during Heritas. A chance to present the activities and results of different persons and organisations is given to all participants and visitors of the fair as well as recent research and technologies, used for preservation of cultural heritage, are presented. Participants of the fair present their activity to public lively and interactively, raises public’s awareness in the issues of preservation of cultural heritage and answer the questions of the owners and operators of cultural heritage objects.

Heritas fair is the first international event in Baltic states, relevant to cultural heritage conservation and technologies and dedicated not only to narrow range of cultural heritage specialists, but also to wider society. It encourage more effective communication between institutions, organisations and private specialists that work in the field of cultural heritage as well as provides focused information about most common questions related to preservation and conservation of cultural heritage objects.

Organizers: the fair is organized by a group of volunteers who are concerned by preservation of cultural heritage and the problems related with this field. The team aims to encourage the collaboration between specialists, companies and government institutions and to create a space for positive changes in established order.