Invitation to take part in a „Heritage Houses for Europe“ survey

European Historic Houses association (EHH), European Landowners‘ Organization (ELO) and IDEA consult invites the owners and managers of family-owned heritage houses to participate in a survey as part of the „Heritage Houses for Europe“ project.


Family-owned heritage houses make up a large and rich part of European heritage, their use creates many job opportunities and brings obvious social, economic and cultural value to society. The main specificity of this heritage is that the financial and various other responsibilities of maintaining it fall on the shoulders of the family, which leads to the creation of new and innovative financing and management models. This project seeks to highlight these models.


The main aims of the project:

*Measure the positive impact of family-owned heritage houses in Europe;

*Analyse innovative replicable business models;

*Create tools supporting managers for the sustainable preservation of family-owned heritage houses;

*Raise-awareness on the sector of family-owned heritage houses;

*Issue recommendations towards the EU institutions unleashing the sectors’ potential.


This survey seeks to map the socio-economic impact of family-owned heritage houses at European level, identify relevant business models and understand the use of EU funding programs. By participating in this survey, you can help build up the legacy of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage and create an important tool to better the future of family-owned heritage houses and their owners!


You can participate in the survey until the 15th of February 2019. The survey may be completed in English, German or French.


More about the project:

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